Thursday, October 10, 2013

Integration Progressing

The integration of the new cats is going fairly well. Brody was neutered in September just before turning 6 months old. He's a pretty "dominant" cat in that he likes to bully some of the other Team Zero Gravity members, namely Charm & Daisy. He and Daisy play, but sometimes Brody gets carried away and I have to get him to cool it. He still beats up on Charm sometimes but is getting a little better with that.

Now, meet Opie. He's a very sweet boy that joined the "team."

The team is ABSOLUTELY complete now! My house and heart are very full :)

I had planned on a 3rd cat, however, my intent was to ultimately adopt a senior cat in need. Instead I ended up adopting this sweet little boy who was 6 months old and had just come down with a bad URI. I named him Opie. He's a flame point Siamese tabby. He has lovely sweet blue eyes and the vocal nature of the Siamese.

I figured he would be a nice friend for Charm since Brody bullies her quite a bit. Well, Opie and Charm are starting to become friends. The biggest surprise was how close Brody and Opie have become.

Opie even befriended several of the dogs earlier on.

All in all, things are going well. I do know however, a house and a pack (and my wallet) have limits. I don't ever want to add one too many animals and have the pack dynamics fall apart. I also want to be able to adequately care for all the animals in my care. And to be quite frank, these new additions are putting pressure on finances. So, I'll just stop right here.

I know there are so many animals in need.  I'll still do some fostering for my 2 favorite adoption organizations, SEGA & RTH. But it will ONLY be fostering.

Now to just convince folks who only acquire pets through breeders to adopt instead of buy their next pet. Just think of how many wonderful animals could be saved. For ever animal that is bought as a pet, one is killed at a shelter somewhere--EVERY DAY.

Please adopt, don't won't be disappointed.