Thursday, February 21, 2013

Revolving Door

Sometimes it seems like my house has a revolving door on it! Last week Road Trip Home foster puppy, Lizzie left to make her journey to Maine (going to Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk: in search of her forever home.

She made it there safely and is now up for adoption. I hope she finds as wonderful a home as Penny and Linus found. BTW, I got a cute photo of those 2 munchkins from their family. The family titled the photo The Sentinels. It makes my heart sing to know that Penny & Linus have such a fabulous home and that their family keeps me updated on their doings :) Penny has always been adorable. Linus has turned into a very handsome young man.

This week I am dog sitting ONE of my favorite former greyhound fosters, Autumn, while her family is out of town. Anytime I keep her for them, she always remembers where everything is and what the household routines are.  She's a sweetheart!
Then next week, Bella comes into foster with me. She's still at my vet in a 2 week standard quarantine coming (since she came from a crowded animal control).

Bella is a cute 5 month old lab probably beagle mix. She's sweet and playful. Right now, she's slated to head to Maine 3/23 with Road Trip Home.

My own dogs (and even my cat) have become very used to the "revolving door" with dogs/puppies coming and going. The only one who is probably not happy about it is Reggie. When I have a foster or other dogs/puppies who are not mine own at my house, he has to stay in his cage for his own safely. Reggie has a bad habit of getting on the floor and walking around like a little person :)

Sometime soon, I'll tell you more about Reggie. He's quite a character!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Big 5-0

When my 40th birthday sucked big time, I decided I was going to go on a fun trip for my 50th. That's a pretty darn big milestone and I didn't want to let that just go by. Since I wanted my sister, Terri who is my BFF, to come with me, I rattled off the list of places that were in the running for the BIG 5-0 trip. Based on Terri's response, we decided it would be a trip to Vegas.

My dad said he would love to go and so did my brother-in-law, John. We decided to we would be the fabulously fun four! All the arrangements were made (thanks to Pat Hand with Dancing Moon Travel Agency, pet sitters Katherine Caceres and Kate Crawford, and to my mom who helped hold the forts down for the family in Ohio). We departed Jan 29 and came home Feb 1. Just a few days which was just the right amount of time.

Off we went. We stayed at the GORGEOUS Wynn Hotel thanks to Pat & Dancing Moon Travel.
Dad near the lobby at the Wynn
We were actually in the Encore Tower. My dad and I shared a room, and my sister and her hubby John had another room.

Below is the night time view from our room

Night time view from Encore room

And this is the day time view

Here's my Dad's and mine actual room. It was super nice.

We had fun walking around to see the different hotels and sights. Here's me and my dad at the MGM Grand. And the other photo is my Dad in the Luxor Hotel.

Many of meals were eaten at the Encore's Society Cafe. We just loved the food there.
John & Terri goofing off at the Society Cafe
On my actual birthday, Terri and I got tattoos of a greyhound running. She got hers on the top of her left arm. I got mine above my ankle. We had them done at King Ink at the Mirage Hotel. Terri's didn't hurt. Mine, ah, well, mine did. The artists doing ours said hands are feet are 2 of the more sensitive places (other than the obvious other sensitive places). It wasn't horrible, but it did hurt. It was about what I expected. I am glad we finally did it. She and I have been talking about getting them for awhile.
Kathy's tattoo right after getting it done.
We went out to a SUPER DUPER nice dinner at the Lakeside Restaurant on the Wynn property. Terri and John treated us. It was probably the best (and unfortunately most expensive dinner I have ever eaten). It was so nice of Terri and John to do that.

The restaurant overlooked the "Lake of Dreams" at the Wynn which is a cool waterfall where they put on a show over a span of 4 hours with different vignettes every 30 minutes at night. This the waterfall in the daytime.

The next day, we went to the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, location of the TV show Pawn Stars. My dad really wanted to see the store. We went early to avoid the long lines and crowds.

After the pawn shop visit, we headed down to Freemont St. We found this hilarious restaurant, Heart Attack Grill. They have a scale out front to weigh yourself. We decided it best NOT to eat lunch there ;)

The four of us decided to throw caution to the wind and we did the zipline down Freemont St. This is my 73 year old dad ziplining for the first time!

Needless to say we had a blast on the whole trip.

Meanwhile, back at home, Blaze and Cori had fun at Camp Greyhound (Kate Crawford's Many Hounds Inn).

The rest of Team Zero Gravity lazed about at home with their favorite pet sitter, Katherine.

The trip was fun, but it was good to get home. I will definitely always remember my 50th birthday in a good way. I guess I could even say that it pretty much cancels out my terrible 40th :)

I would go back to Vegas again if given the chance. There's still lots to see. We never did make it to Hoover Dam, nor did we even finish seeing the rest of the strip. Viva Las Vegas ;)