Monday, May 6, 2013

Celebrity Hounds Abound!

Wow, these last couple of weeks have put us in the midst of celebrity hounds! April 27, the Greyhound group I volunteer with (SEGA) had a special M&G for the movie opening of Pain & Gain. One of SEGA's former adoptees, Escape Hatch now known as Seven, belongs to a friend Jen Bachelor and played Tasty Reuben in Pain & Gain.

Seven's headshot and pawtograph
The AMC Parkway Pointe in Atlanta was so wonderful in letting us schedule and have the special Seven M&G at their theater. Seven was a big hit with the crowd. She even got to stay and watch the movie with her fans (ok, she chewed on a bully stick and napped, but she was with her fans). Everyone clapped and cheered every time Seven appeared on the screen.

Jen & Seven
Then just one week later at SEGA's Greyfest, we got to meet my Cori's daddy, Flying Hydrogen who belongs to Carl Doby (who owns Crazy Collars).
Cori, her dad Hydro & his person, Carl
Hydro is a top Sire in the US. I think he's 10th. He was a phenomenal racer winning over half of races before an injury forced an early retirement from racing. Now Hydro is living a life of luxury and leisure and is happy to be Carl's sidekick :) Carl's booth was right next to the booth doing photos of hounds trying whipped topping from a can. Hydro has decided that's his new favorite treat.
Hydro decided he LOVES whipped topping!
Four of Hydro's kids and a half brother were at Greyfest so of course we couldn't let that opportunity pass us by. Those photos will be forthcoming when we get them from our Greyfest photographer Cindy Frezon from Cindy Frezon Photography. It was a long day for Carl & Hydro being as they drove from NC and returned all in the same day. As you can see from the photo, by the end of the day, Hydro was tuckered out and ready to head home.
Hydro ready to head home!
What a fun and fabulous time we've had of late! Gosh, what's going to be next? It'll be kind of hard to top the past couple of weekends anytime soon!


  1. I'm impressed! I had no idea you and the hounds were so well-connected! I am also SO jealous that you got to go to the Pain & Gain opening!

    1. Thanks Carrie. It was fun. Um, who's the one that gets invited to all kinds of things up your way--you and your own little celebrity, Miss Bunny :)

  2. So much excitement! How great that you could be at the premiere and Severn was able to be at the movie too.
    How did Cori react to seeing her dad, do you think she knew who he was? It must have been nice for Carl to see one of his dogs pups in such a good home.
    Lynne x