Saturday, January 26, 2013

Updates on Some Former Fosters

Ok--so I've been lax about blogging lately. Bad me ;) Time to catch folks up on some of more recent fosters who are in loving forever home:

Pit Bull puppies, Penny & Linus are growing up fast and doing EXCELLENT in their home in Maine. I was in 7th heaven when the family who adopted my first pittie puppy, Penny ended up adopting my 2nd pittie puppy, Linus. They attend puppy classes (see photo below with their gentle leader training halters on).
Travis with Penny & Linus in their training class

They enjoy playing with their Maltese sister, Suki. Their dad, Travis adores them as do Travis' parents.
Suki, Linus and Penny playing

Penny & Linus have even been enjoying the cold weather since they have spiffy coats!
Penny & Linus in their winter coats
I also got to see former foster, Lacy recently at a lure coursing event put on by the Greyhound club I belong to.
Lacy is the pretty brindle getting ready to sit by her mama in the green shirt.
Of course, then there's Murphy is doing wonderful in his new home. He's having a great time playing with his big brindle Greyhound brother, Martin. Murphy's family just can't get over how smart he is.
Martin and Murphy
Here's a couple of adorable photos of Murphy form his lure coursing outing right before he got adopted.
Murphy watching the action
Great shot of Murphy
Murphy is about to crawl up in friend, David's lap!
In early January, me and my 2 Meet & Greet hounds, Cori and Blaze joined a dear friend, Eric (and one of his daughters) at the Cumming Petco M&G. Eric and his family adopted 2 of my former fosters, Sissy & T-Bone as siblings to their first Greyhound Katie. I count Katie as a "step" foster ;)
Below is a group shot.
Blaze, T-Bone, Katie, Sissy and Cori, plus Eric and Jord
And then there is my beloved Walker who is doing fabulously in his her forever home with his 2 brindle siblings.
Maggie, Walker & Truly
I enjoy keeping up with his doings in his family's blog: Those Brindle Kids
I am so blessed to have had some wonderful fosters who have touched my life. The ones in this blog are but just a few of the sweet fosters who have left their mark on my heart and soul. And I am forever grateful to the wonderful families to have given them the very best forever homes.


  1. I miss fostering! You're right, it's incredibly rewarding and the dogs reap great benefits from it!

  2. It must be a great feeling to know how many lives you have touched through these fosters, Kathy. I'm not sure how in the world you find the time, but my goodness, don't they all look happy and loved? Thanks for the blog shout-out!

    1. It is a wonderful feeling when you see your former foster with their forever family and you know you helped in some small way :) BTW--I LOVE reading your blog. It always makes me smile :)

  3. Read your blog for the first time. So cool to see fosters in their forever homes!

  4. Thanks Betty Jo. I love keeping up with my fosters once they get adopted :)