Friday, January 4, 2013

Seniors Rock!

Everyone is so used to hearing about Rio, Blaze, Cori and Chloe. It's about time that my almost 18 year old cat, PJ got some airtime, or this case Internet time.

I adopted PJ (or rather he adopted me) as a 10 week old kitten from what used to be the Dekalb Humane Society (now known as Paws Atlanta). I had been volunteering at their adoption days at the Petsmart on LaVista Rd in Atlanta. I had never been tempted to take an animal home (as they were considered a no kill) until PJ.

Well this particular day, a litter of 10 week old Siamese tabbies was up for adoption. PJ made it very clear he was going home with me. I called my then-husband and told him about this "special kitten." Hubby proceeded to tell me he didn't want another cat--we already had one. In his mind one cat was more than enough. PJ's charms overruled then-hubby's wishes and the next thing you know PJ adopted then-hubby too.

For the next 10 years then-hubby doted on PJ. PJ was at the door every day to great then-hubby. however, as soon as we adopted a couple of puppies, then-hubby pretty much disowned PJ. Sad but true. He did warn me. He said when dogs came into his life, the cat would be forgotten about. I just didn't think he really meant it.

It worked out in my favor however because when we split in 2008, I didn't have to fight him for the cat :)

PJ will turn 18 on March 31. Yes, I really do know his birthday because his foster mom was with PJ's mom when he was born. She even gave me some baby pictures and pictures of his mom. Unfortunately, I have not scanned them in. You'll have to settle for a cute photo of senior PJ napping on one of his favorite spot  :)

Napping in his red heated bed

And with one of his favorite dogs, Blaze

I sincerely hope PJ has more adventures still left inside of him. He's one of a kind. He has always traveled well going on trips to Ohio to see family, vacations to St. George's Island in Florida and cabins in North Georgia, and more recently camping trips in the family trailer.

He's my bathing buddy. He has always liked to sit on the edge of the tub anytime I get a bath. And now in his old age, he likes to stand on my leg when I'm in the tub and drink the bath water. So this means I can't use bubble bath or soap until he's had enough drinking warm bath water. 

He' truly a nut. I think he feigns some senility sometimes because I let him get away with stuff I never did when he was younger, such as getting on counter tops and tables, and practically eating off my plate. 

I will miss my boy when the time comes, but hopefully we still have some wonderful quality days ahead. There will never be another kitty like him!

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